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When Petra and Rene were in The Hague this summer, they dropped by on Quartair artists Harold de Bree  who was setting up a work at Platvorm 57, a community cultural centre in The Hague South that has some very ambitious visual arts programming. Here are some pics and links and a translation of the Platvorm 57’s blurb about the work.

September 11 – October 20 2012-09-25

At Platvorm  57 The Hague

Equestrian  Statue Willem II – Harold de Bree

Harold de Bree   created a new work for Platvorm 57 : Equestrian  Statue Willem II  is a replica of the pedestal of an equestrian statue of Willem II near the Hofvijver and Binnenhof  [the Dutch Parliament Buildings] in The Hague. But where is the statue itself? Has it been toppled by a furious mob, as has happened to so many statues of out-of-favour leaders, from Gaddafi to Lenin?  What, in fact, is the state or our own nation? What to expect in The Netherlands after the elections? The work of Harold de Bree confronts the viewer with this kind of questions.

Statue of Willem II near Binnenhof, the Parliament buildings in The Hague

Here are some pictures and links of the International Paper Biennale, that Quartair artists Marlies Adriaanse  took part in. Petra and Rene were lucky enough to catch this wonderful exhibition exhibition in Museum Rijswijk, a town adjacent to The Hague (where Petra’s father happens to live).

Rene beside Marlies Adriaanse’s work at the International Paper Biennale in Rijswijk 2012

Petra admiring Marlies Adriaanse’s work at the International Paper Biennale in Rijswijk 2012


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