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Christos Pantieras had a solo exhibition at the Ottawa Art Gallery this summer. Your Word is Bond was shown from June 21 to Sept. 9 2012

Festival X is Ottawa’s yearly photography festival. The EBA participated with an exhibition of photographs and installations by members and invited guests. Sept. 21 to Sept. 30 2012. curated by Joyce Westrop.

The EBA participated in the first Nuit Blanche in Ottawa, September 22 2012.
Svetlana Swinimer produced a projection on mannequins placed near the entrance.

Joyce Westrop had rented a steamroller and produced prints all through the night with a few invited print makers.

The parking lot at the EBA attracted many visitors at Nuit Blanche.
Ken Emig used strong lights on the parking lot and invited the audience to trace the long shadows.
Downtown, Tavi Weisz did an interactive performance: Study of Staged Exuberance.
René Price, drove around town in his Free Art Van, and gave away 150 paintings.

Events at EBA and by EBA artists around town 2

by  on November 18, 2012

Karen Jordon has a show at The Mississippi Valley Textie Museum with Norman Takeuchi until January 12, 2013 . No the museum in not in Mississippi, it is in Almonte, Ontario, 53 km from Ottawa, which is really not that far in North American standards, but you would need to have a car, forget about convenient public transport!

Karen has also another dutch connection in her past. She was part of a group show curated by Petra in 2005 together with a dutch artist, Chrystl Rijkeboer, at L’Imagier. L’imagier is in Québec, but from Ottawa, Québec means on the other side of the river. You can read more about Karen’s work with hair in Petra’s curatorialstatement.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition in which “ Karen Jordon’s autobiographical hair sculptures are coupled with Norman Takeuchi’s drawings of her sculptures.”

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  1. Karen and Norm’s exhibition was stunning. Norm’s large drawings of Karen’s tiny hairpieces were a wonderful juxtaposition.

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