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Virtual walk: Lepelstraat to Nieuwe Kerk

by on October 25, 2013

I couldn’t stay in The Hague until the 27th of August so I didn’t get the chance to participate in Rachel’s performance ‘Leaving‘.  I had plan to do a virtual walk in front of my screen using google maps, reading Paramjit text and thinking of Spinoza.  Little did I know that it would prove so difficult. I am aware that what I was planning to do had nothing to do with the real performance, of course,  but it was my way of participating, and exploring. So, I walked the way, almost to the end, but I got stuck and I hesitated a lot along the way. Finally,  in front of the Kerk, I decided that I wouldn’t finish the walk. I needed the group to walk with and to be physically part of the performance.  Walking with my fingers was really not fun. Nevertheless here is my futile attempt, the 24th try to be exact.

  1. Amazing that you did this, Mana. It was fun reliving the walk through your video.

  2. manarouh permalink

    Thanks for watching it Julie!

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