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52.066483,4.344785 and 52.101675,4.258719, thank you Harold

by on October 25, 2013

I wanted to share a few pages of the book that I have made for the project that I was working on for our exchange this year, and most importantly I wanted to thank Harold De Bree who helped me with the images. Harold kindly accepted to take pictures from the water in The Hague and let me know when he had done so, so that I could do the same in Ottawa. The pictures were taken a day apart, or the same day, in The Hague and Ottawa. He took his pictures at an inland harbour: 52.066483,4.344785 and at the sea harbour: 52.101675,4.258719 over the course of the year. I took mine at Latitude: 45°25’36.18″N and Longitude 75°41’55.91″W. The photos made it into a book that I have made about Julia Grace Wales and her travel to The Hague. Here are the pages:




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  1. Mana, you have given me a new way to look at water, which is the subject of many of my paintings.

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