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Honingbank: for Svetlana

by on October 24, 2013

I saw this poster in a bakery in The Hague and I thought of Svetlana and her bees. I just had time to look at the link and it is a very interesting project. Since the project has been developed with Stroom Den Haag which in its turn is somehow related to Quartair, I thought to post it here. What follows is from Honingbank website. They have reached their goal of 45.000 €. What follows is from the project’s website.

The Honey Bank is an art project that was designed by the French art collective Parti Poétique (‘Poetic Party ‘) and was developed in collaboration with Stroom Den Haag. This project provided a tool to save bees: the Bee Savings Account. Thus everyone was given the opportunity to do something tangible for the bees and the environment. Action is needed in this area, because the bee is not doing well, not in our country nor globally. This is bad news for us: more than 30% of what we eat is dependent on pollination, the bee is responsible for a lot of this. Also for the ecosystem as a whole the disappearance of bees will have major consequences.

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  1. Yes, we are in trouble if the bees are in trouble. Scientific American wrote an excellent article explaining the problems facing the bee, and in turn how it will affect humans, in their Food issue a couple of months ago…a real eye-opener and worth reading.

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