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LEAVING, an international performance event in The Hague

by on August 24, 2013


an international performance art event 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rachel Kalpana James, Jessy Rahman,  and Ingrid Rollema

invite you for dinner and discussion at 5pm

address: Lepelstraat 1 The Hague 070-4271277

Join us in procession 6pm to Spinoza’s grave

and Participate in performance reading at 7pm

Please bring lenses, optical magnifiers, microscopes

and bicycles to ride or walk in procession.   ImageImage

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  1. manarouh permalink

    Rachel, I really enjoyed reading Paramjit’s text. This is a difficult subject to write about. I found the text tactful, personal, very touching, and extremely strong. I am sorry that I will miss your performance but thank you so much for posting the text and starting the reflection, this way I will feel that I am a little bit there.

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