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Fortune favors the bold: Poffertjes, Dutch pop music and conversation

by on June 4, 2013

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The artists from the Hague are in Ottawa right now and Dutch Settlement is taking its course. It is nice to see the faces we had seen on Skype in person. It gives a strange feeling of déjà vu that is neither déjà nor vu.
The exhibition coincided with Doors Open Ottawa, part of a province wide weekend dedicated to old and new buildings in different cities. Marlies Adriaanse , number 3 in the Quartair team, decided to make something special for this occasion. She set up her makeshift kitchen in front of EBA’s plaque and made Poffertijes [ˈpɔfərtjəs] for the visitors while talking about the exhibition and the exchange. She had also recorded Dutch music from the radio which was playing outside when she was cooking. Standing there, I got the chance to read the inscription on the plaque which says : Audaces Fortuna Juvat which according to the Doors open brochure means Fortune favors the bold.  From what I saw when I was standing there, visitors really liked the Pfoffertjes and would start talking to her, which is what she was hoping for. Apparently many people with Dutch background were visiting and were reminded of their childhood because of the fluffy Dutch pancakes. Marlies is leaving her 3 kilo pan here in Ottawa, so we might have to build a cardboard table with her instructions, borrow Ken’s camp coking stove and do it all over again next year with her guiding us through Skype!

  1. Thanks Marlies, for bringing this Dutch treat, and for all your time spent cooking. You really know how to bring customers in! Thank you Mana, for putting this slide-show together,

  2. Hello Mana, how nice to read about the poffertjes I made in front of the EBA. And great photos! Last time I made poffertjes, I was 16 years old. Apperently it is like bike riding, you never forget, once learned. That I did today, I took the riverpath, went over two bridges and made a circle. I was great. it feld really like a holiday,

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