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Marlies and Jessy at the Pier in Scheveningen, honouring Henk Peeters

by on April 22, 2013

Jessy sent me an email with a link  to this site, which shows photos of a recent art manifestation on the Pier in Scheveningen in honour of the Dutch avant-garde artist Henk Peeters, who recently passed away. You can find pictures of performances by Jessy and Marlies among them.

Henk Peeters was the leader of the Dutch nul group, that had much in common with the German ZERO group, the French Nouveau Realisme, the Italian Azimut and the Japanese Gutai movement. Forerunners of today’s nomadic artists (such as Quartair), they organized many international exhibitions and events. In 1966 they had planned an exhibition for the Pier, but it was cancelled. Instead, a conceptual, photographic plan of the exhibition became the only artwork that was shown. The pier, then, seems an appropriate place for the commemorative event  that was just held.
Rene and I saw a terrific exhibition about the nul-group in Schiedam in 2011. I wrote a review about it for BorderCrossings at the time, which you can read here, in case you’re interested.
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