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Garage sale at EBA

by on November 20, 2012

Last night at the meeting we had at EBA planning for the exchange, the idea of having a garage sale to raise funds came up. It was Ken’s idea I think. Artists garage sale at the Enriched Bread Artists. I don’t think we will follow up with the idea but you never know.

In case you are interested there was an article a few days ago about Martha Rosler having a garage sale at Moma. Here you can see more pictures of the show. There is also an audio slideshow of her photomontage work that is not related to the topic, but I really enjoyed it and I thought you might too.

I think I have heard that garage sales are not very common in Europe. Other than north America, I know of people in Australia having them. It might have something to do with the size of the houses! Have you at Quartair ever had art garage sales or simply garage sales or do you make fun of people who do? of course in a loving way!


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  1. Yeah Martha! Yeah Mana!

  2. Hello Mana,
    Youre right we have no garage sales here. But we have Queensday on the 30 of april, the birthday of our late queen Juliana. Everybody can sale theire things on some designeted places in the city. Everywere in the Netherlands, people come to sale of buy things. Specially in Amsterdam and Utrecht is gets very crowded. But also here in the Hague, people occupy the best places in the best streets already the night before.

    Quartair as a initiative did organise already 3 times an art auction, artist could bring in a work for auction. It were very succesfull events, with a lot of work sold often to other artists for not to high prices.

    excuse my english, been working all day and I am to lazy/tired to get a dictionary.
    greatings Marlies

  3. manarouh permalink

    Thanks Marlies. Too bad we won’t be in the Netherlands to see this, not in order to buy stuff but to watch what people sell and how they interact.
    I also saw that the exhibition at Moma has a webpage with newspapers and pictures of ‘happy purchasers’ in case anyone is interested:

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